Machete Ridge A Landmark

Machete Ridge, Pinnacles National Park
If you would like a good summary of Pinnacles National Park, check out this article in SFGATE.


Almaden Meadows’ Mustard Blossoms

Almaden Meadows Park, yellow blossoms
Mustard blossoms at Almaden Meadows Park in South San Jose were a must-see stop for The Flower Photographer of Silicon Valley, Glenn Franco Simmons. On a leisurely weekend ride with his lovely wife a few years ago, Glenn saw these beautiful blossoms that have not yet returned to the amount seen in this photo. Hopefully, 2017 will yield another bumper crop of mustard blossoms the Valley of Heart’s Delight (Silicon Valley’s more romantic moniker that many have forgotten).

Blossoms scattered by wind

Cherry Blossoms
Blossoms are scattered
by the wind and
the wind cares nothing,
but the blossoms
of the heart
no wind can touch.
~ Yoshida Kenko

“Yoshida Kenko (1284 – 1350) was a Japanese author and Buddhist monk,” according to Wikipedia. “His most famous work is Tsurezuregusa (Essays in Idleness) ~ one of the most studied works of medieval Japanese literature. Kenko wrote during the Muromachi and Kamakura periods.”

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